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Member TEXAS PRESS ASSOCIATION Serving Needville, Beasley, Damon, Fairchilds, Guy and Surrounding Communities Every Thursday THE GULF COAST TRIBUNE THE GULF COAST TRIBUNE Thursday, September 17, 2015 Volume 55 Number 45 Three Sections 50 cents per copy ESTABLISHED 1962 3115 SCHOOL STREET, PO BOX 488, NEEDVILLE, TEXAS 77461 979-793-6560 Win Ca$h in our Football Contest see page 4 Fort Bend County Fair Information see page 7 NHS crowns Homecoming royalty ABOVE: Needville High School senior Caroline Briscoe was crowned 2015 Homecoming Queen at ceremonies that took place prior to Fridays game against Boling. She was escorted by classmate Shane Poncik, left, and her dad, Mason Briscoe III. RIGHT TOP: As junior class duchess, Payton Schroeder participated in Needville High Schools homecoming ceremonies at Fridays game against Boling. She was escorted by classmate Jake Jordan and her dad, Glenn Schroeder. RIGHT MIDDLE: Janssen Cain was chosen duchess of Needville High Schools sophomore class and was part of the homecoming court at Friday nights game at Blue Jay Stadium. She was escorted by classmate Brayden Pawlak and her dad, Kyle Cain. RIGHT BOTTOM:Paola Alanis, duchess of the Needville High School freshman class, took part in homecoming ceremonies prior to Fridays game against Boling. She was escorted by classmate Cullen Charanza and her dad, Pablo Alanis. Needvilles Citywide Garage Sale will be this Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20. Rain or shine the sale will take place starting at 8 a.m. both days. For everyones safety, please watch for one-way streets, do not block driveways and park assuring clearance for emergency vehicles. For more information contact 979-793-7200 or 979- 793-6357. Pictured above are citizens who participate or help with the Citywide Garage Sale. Back row from left: Alice Hughes, Diane Cario, Sabrina Nelms, and Sharon Hedt. Front row, from left, Patsy Blaze and Larry Cario. CITYWIDE GARAGE SALE THIS WEEKEND Needville native makes donation in memory of parents Marvin Horelica decided to honor his parents in a special way. Marvin is donating $2,000 to the Harvest Festival in Needville. I remember all those farmers and ranchers coming in to my fathers business and helping him out, Marvin said. Without them helping my father and then my father and my mother helping me, I wouldnt be where I am today. Charlie Horelica, Marvins father, was a normal man. He was born in Fayette County. He attended school in Flatonia and worked on his dads farm. He married Miss Annie Petter from Schulenburg on September 29, 1925. They moved to Guy and had two sons, Marvin and Erlin. Four years after their marriage on July 12, 1929 disaster struck. Mr. Horelica was diagnosed with polio, which put him in a wheelchair. He didnt let this stop him, he had a successful business and raised his family without complaining, Marvin said. Marvin was born on December 16, 1928 on a farm in Guy. His father was a share cropper. Marvins father had polio from the time Marvin could remember. He was in a wheelchair as long as I can remember back, Marvin said. Marvin married Ruth Gerken on January 7, 1950. The day I got married my father gave me $1,000, Marvin said. Back then that was equal to about $30,000 today. I am donating this to honor my dad and mother because that $1,000 they gave me in 1950 got me started on the right path, Marvin said. My parents were good people, Marvin said. My parents helped my brother and I even when they couldnt help themselves. They taught me how to work hard and my dad was involved in my whole life. The City of Needville held their regular city council meeting on September 9, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting was called to order followed by an invocation by Mayor Delbert Wendt. Council approved the minutes of the Public Hearing held on August 12, the City Council meeting held on August 12, a special meeting held on August 17, and a public hearing and special meeting held on September 3. There were no citizens present to address council so they moved on into the agenda. Council approved annexation of E. Garza and Associates, 2.284 acres of land located at 2606 School St. Council then proclaimed October 2015 as Czech Heritage Month. Council approved to amend Ordinance XXXXIV-94 pertaining to the placement of stop signs in designated locations; northwest corner of Janak and Anna Street. Council also adopted the 2015-2016 budget. They also decided on 12 term years for a certificate of obligation. Department reports were fiven by the Operations Manager and Fire Chief Keith Thurmann. So far this year, 499 calls have been made by the Fire Department. Their were 71 in August. 16 were in the City and 55 were in the County. There were 16 fires and 10 wrecks according to their report. Council approved to pay all bills and the meeting was adjourned. The next council meeting will be October 14 at 7:30 p.m. Sept. City Council meeting overview In a meeting of the Damon ISD Board of Trustees scheduled for Thursday, September 17, the board will consider selection of a construction method. The board will vote to consider using a Construction Manager at Risk method for the construction of a $1 million dollar cafetorium facility. The new facility will be located on the school property and will meet the needs of this growing school district. With an enrollment of 195 students Damon ISD has seen a growth of 8% per year since 2008. In 2008 it was reported in the Houston Chronicle that Damon faced closure due to declining enrollment and state funding. Since that time Damon ISD has frown to a thriving district adding teachers, increasing teacher salaries, securing frants, and building new facilities. In 2010 Damon ISD opened a 13,000 square foot classroom expansion. The new cafetorium will be between 4,000 and 5,500 square feet and will have new kitchen facilities with updated equipment. Student capacity will increase from the current seating of 50 75 to 125-175. The cost for the project is paid for by a time warrant which is a governmental loan that will hold an interest rate of 3.632% and an annual payment of $87,712.14. In July 2015, the board took action to petition the state of Texas for an increase in funding. This increase will amount to approximately $80,000 and will summarily pay for the new cafeteria. See DAMON page 7 Damon ISD to consider construction MARVIN HORELICA, left, is pictured with Chris Janicek, of Needville Harvest Festival, (scheduled for Oc- tober this year). Horelica decided to make a donation to the Harvest Festival in memory of his parents. The Har- vest Festival is a nonprofit organization that works to im- prove the quality of life for all Needville citizens.

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